The best original Christmas 2019 gifts for travelers
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The best original Christmas 2019 gifts for travelers
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The best original Christmas 2019 gifts for travelers

Christmas gift is always a difficult thing to choose. Fortunately, for those who like to travel, there are many things which may come in handy. Thus, either you are looking for a present for your partner, friend or family, these 10 ideas for travel gifts will not leave indifferent anyone who loves to travel.

1. Suitcase

A quality carry on luggage is a must-have for any traveler. Today, among the huge selection of travel bags, you can choose the one that fits every taste. A pink glamorous suitcase for your girlfriend or solid leather luggage for your father will always be a useful gift. It's better to offer a small suitcase, because it's very practical. You can take your hand luggage with you on the plane and do not have to pay for it separately. By the wey, if you don’t want to overpay too, think about ordering a gift in advance. So then you can buy it, for example, on the and get a package in 2-3 weeks.

Christmas presents

2. Travel mug

A travel cup is a great idea for a travel Christmas gift. They are very convenient to take with you for hiking or camping. But what if this mug will be not only made of durable material but also good looking to prettify your Instagram feed? Vintage tin cups are really in the trend today.

Travel mug

3. Sleep eye mask and travel pillow

Lovely accessories like a sleep mask can be a great gift or addition to your present. Nice unicorn masks are just a wonderful Christmas present. That's really what every traveler should have in his bag! You can be sure that this gift will be appreciated by anyone who travels by plane, bus or train.

Sleep eye mask

4. Travel Notebook

It’s a very romantic gift for those who love the road and adventures. Indeed, this book for travel notes is a real opportunity to keep your emotions from the trip and express them on paper! Write a few words on the first page of this wanderlust diary so that your friens will always remember who offered this gift.

Travel notebook

5. Adventure time!

Emotions are one of the best gifts you can offer to people you love. This is something that you will never lose or break because your memories are always with you. However, it's something you can buy. Get a romantic weekend in Paris, swimming with dolphins or extreme safari in Dubai. Even for a small money, you can get extraordinary impressions! Here are some of our gift ideas for any budget that you can book right now:

Wingly air flight

6. Travel map

All travelers do not stop dreaming of new trips and make plans for the next journey just after being back from the last one. New countries and destinations with its mysteries and hidden gems. Travel map is what you need for those who love to mark places already visited from their bucket list. Besides that, it can become a cute accessory and decorate the interior of the room.

 travel map
Travel map

7. Travel hammock

During a hike, on the beach, in a national park, in a forest or on the shore of a lake - a compact and cosy hammock will make any trip more comfortable. Modern travel hammocks are folded in a miniature case that can fit in a pocket of a backpack, which makes them very simple to bring. We advise you to take models from 30 euros and above because then you can be sure of the quality of the gift and not be upset if it breaks during the journey.

Camping hammock

8. Travel cosmetics

What cosmetics and bath accessories will we take with us on the trip? Surely, it should be compact, lightweight and the one you can put in a hand luggage. By the way, these accessories are needed not only for women, because men also need to fold shampoo and shower gel somewhere. For outdoor lovers, add dry shampoo to this set, as well as scrubba wash bag. Then you will get a perfect gift for a traveler which will serve for many years.

Travel cosmetics

9. Solar Portable Power Bank

A portable power bank is a must have in every carry on luggage. The reasons are obvious: this is very useful and can help you if your phone runs out of power during the trip. To make your gift more original, choose an unusual design. Today, on Amazon there is a huge selection of power banks in the form of unicorns, cats, superheroes and so on. Some models also allow you to charge multiple phones or a laptop at the same time. It is better to offer a waterproof power bank.

Portable Power Bank

10. Entertainment & Games

It is possible to present not only travel accessories and useful gadgets. Gifts for entertainment is also a great idea for Christmas. For example, playing cards or board games. During camping it is a great way to spend time. If you like to travel with friends, then one of the best gifts can be entertainment for your company.

friends playing cards
Friends playing cards

11. Travel towel

The special travel towel is very practical for travelers. It absorbs moisture perfectly. In addition, the microfiber towel is lightweight and takes up little space. You can use this towel to go for a walk in the city or to the beach. Also, if you are staying at the hotel, it is convenient to take this towel in your bag instead of a large hotel towel.

travel towel
Travel towel"

12. GoPro Hero

Journey is always full of bright impressions and unique moments that you want to capture on camera and share with family and friends. GoPro Hero is a camera for those who love an active and extreme travelling. Shoot with gyrostabilization and get the same smooth video as when using a hanger. This camera anticipates your movements and corrects camera shake for exceptional video smoothness. From the GoPro App, you can instantly send photos and videos to email, SMS, Twitter or Snapchat. Indeed, this camera is one of the best gifts for a traveler.

Travelling with GoPro Hero
Travelling with GoPro Hero"

13. Sleeping bag

For those who love camping and hiking, sleeping bags will be a useful gift. A sleeping bag is necessary for comfortable rest and sleep. To choose the right sleeping bag, you need to add 30 cm to the growth of those who will sleep in it. The temperature of comfort limit on the sleeping bag should approximately correspond to the expected temperature during the hiking.

sleeping bag
Travelling with a sleeping bag"

14. Travel thermos

Winter is the perfect time to relax in the countryside, whether it's a walk through the snow forest, a romantic evening at the ice rink or a breathtaking skiing adventure. Travel thermos will be a good present for all winter holiday lovers. It will help to warm up in the cold and keep the taste and temperature of your favorite warm drink even on the coldest day.

travel thermos
Travel thermos"

15. Silicone foldable glass

Silicone foldable glass is a great idea for an inexpensive gift to a friend or colleague. You can take it with you on a hike, fishing trip, picnic or just to the office. It is lightweight and does not take up much space. It is also made of ecological materials, unlike plastic glasses.

foldable travel bags
Foldable travel glasses

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