The best things to do in Grindelwald, Switzerland
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The best things to do in Grindelwald, Switzerland
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The best things to do in Grindelwald, Switzerland

The small resort town of Grindelwald in Bernese Oberland is a popular gateway to the Jungfrau region, with skiing in winter and hiking in summer. Greenewald also serves as a base for climbing the legendary northern slope of Mount Eiger. The Gletscherschlucht Ice Cave, located just outside the Grindelwald, has a trail that runs along beautiful waterfalls and grooved limestone walls.

in this article you will find the best things to do in Grindelwald, Switzerland. Find out how to get there, transport from the airport in Zurich and Geneva, photos, information about what to see in Grindelwald and much more. Located at an altitude of 1034 m above sea level, there are direct trains from Interlaken Ost station. Then you can take another train to the Kleine Scheideg Pass, from where you can go further to Jungfraujoch or go down to Wengen and Lauterbrunnen. In summer, there are buses from Grindelwald to Meiringen (through the Grosse-Seideg Pass). The road to Grindelwald is fully covered by the Swiss Pass, but to go to Jungfraujoch, you have to pay extra.

The history of Grindelwald

Grindelwald was first mentioned in 1146 as Grindelwalt. The oldest traces of settlement on this site date back to the Neolithic era. Several ancient Roman coins were also found. In the Middle Ages, a castle was built on Burgbühl Hill above Grindelwalt. In 1146, King Conrad III presented his Grindelwald possessions to the Interlaken monastery.

At the end of the 12th century, the barons of the Alpine valleys, which later became Bernese Oberland, went to war due to the expansion of Duke Berthold V Zehringen. The Duke defeated a coalition of noblemen in the Grindelwald Valley in 1191. His victory allowed him to expand the city of Thun and found the city of Bern.

Tourism in Grindelwald

Thanks to its amazingly beautiful views and spectacular glaciers, Grindelwald became a popular resort for foreigners already in the late 18th century. The British were the first to discover the beauty of Grindelwald, on a wave of popular mountaineering since the mid-19th century. Local mountain guides began to climb the peaks together with English tourists. The first climb of the Eiger, the most difficult mountain in the Alps, was made in 1858. However, the northern slope remained impregnable for a long time and was conquered only in 1938. Thanks to the development of railways, when a branch to the city was built (1860-72), getting to Grindelwald was much easier, which ensured the popularity of the resort both in summer and winter. The first spa was opened in 1888, and in 1889 there were already 10 hotels, and in 1914 their number rose to 33. Today, almost the entire Grindelwald economy is based on tourism.

It was in Grindelwald that the first cable car in the Alps was built (in 1908) leading to Wetterhorn. And in 1912 the railway from Grindelwald through Kleine-Sheidegg reached Jungfraujoch. Even today, the highest railway station in Europe is located at the "Top of Europe", from where excursions to the realm of eternal snow and ice begin.

How to get to Grindelwald

Grindelwald is reached from Interlaken (Interlaken Ost station), which can be reached by train from Bern. There is no transfer, because the Grindelwald train, which is a slow toothed train, does not run on normal high-speed trains. You can, of course, take a taxi, but from Zurich or Geneva it will be quite expensive, not less than 400 francs.

Transportation in Grindelwald

During the high season (summer and winter), the GrindelwaldBus circulates in and around Grindelwald. There are several destinations, with different timetables and working hours for different routes. In general, during the summer season buses start cycling from April to May and until the end of October (and even until early December).

During the winter season, buses and ski buses start cycling from December 13-19, and schedules may also vary during the high and low seasons. Buses also take you to the toboggan run Grindelwald - Bussalp (day ticket - 46 francs, single trip - from 23,40 francs, children free of charge in the company of at least 1 parent).

Eiger Jump Grindelwald

The Original Eiger Jump Grindelwald is the ultimate skydive adventure in front of the famous Swiss Alps. The Skydive in front of the famous Eiger mountain includes a scenic helicopter ride to the top of the snowy peaks and glaciers. Weather permitting, we will surround the peaks of Eiger and Monch. The tandem skydive will be in front of the famous Eiger North Face with landing in Grindelwald.

Helicopter scenic flight up to the peaks of the Swiss Alps, Eiger Mönch Jungfrau. See beautiful glaciers and south side. Also, try a helicopter flight over the peak of the Eiger mountain. Skydive then in front of the famous Eiger North Face with landing in Grindelwald with a transport back to Interlaken in the end.

Grindelwald: Glacier Canyon

Discover the glacier canyon near Grindelwald which is the perfect place for adventure lovers. Walk through the canyon and climb above the roaring River Lütschine, by balancing over a large net structure, called the Spiderweb for an extra thrill.

Visit an impressive masterpiece formed by nature millions of years ago. The Lower Grindelwald Glacier carved its way through the rock over time, creating a canyon, which has now become a popular attraction in this area. Now thriving as a popular destination for a unique discovery walk through exposed rock galleries and tunnels, the glacier canyon awaits you.

Visit this impressive place, where the roaring River Lütschine, the reflections of light along the steep walls, changing temperatures and cool winds will stimulate your senses in a very special way.

The whole area has been divided into 6 themed worlds that can be visited - coincidence, formation, water, glacier, geology, and mysticism. A trip to the canyon is a unique experience for both, adults as well as children. So bring your family too, the glacier canyon is an easy-to-reach destination, suitable for all ages and accessible in every weather.

Grindelwald Gondola Ride to Mount First

Head to the Cableway Station in Grindelwald and board the gondola at any time. Reach the summit within 30 minutes, and find the Restaurant and the thrilling First Cliff Walk Suspension Bridge.

Experience adventure activities including the First Flyer and The First Glider year round and the Mountain Cart and Scooter Bike in summer. Please note these activities are not included in this ticket and need to be purchased separately.

Grindelwald and Mount First full-day adventure from Interlaken

his exciting adventure in the Swiss Alps guarantees adrenaline and thrills! On this mountain tour you can experience a range of exhilarating activities, such as The First Flyer, the Cliff Walk on the edge of the steep mountain face and a thrilling descent by mountain cart and trottibike scooter through astonishing mountain scenery to Grindelwald.

Enjoy a morning drive to the Bernese Oberland, passing by five different mountain lakes and listening to interesting explanations from your multilingual guide. After a picture stop at the famous village of Interlaken, we take you to the charming mountain resort Grindelwald. Take the cable car up to Mt. First to experience the unique summit attraction First Cliff Walk by Tissot. The trail with a 40-metre long one-rope suspension bridge at a dizzying height promises an extraordinary adrenalin kick.

Take a snack on the spectacular sun terrace of the restaurant “Berggasthaus First”. Just a few steps aside, you find one of Switzerland's most thrilling activity: The First Flyer, a gigantic zip line, that gives you the feeling of flying down the hill over 800 meters with a maximum speed of 84km/h.

Continue your trip by Mountain Cart, a new fun sport vehicle with a comfortable seat, good tires and effective brakes. An exceptional ride on the rough track takes you to Bort, from where you complete your adventure by Trottibike Scooter. Curve down to Grindelwald through lovely alpine scenery passing by grazing cows and typical Swiss chalets. Enjoy some leisure time to explore the alpine village Grindelwald before you take the train back to Interlaken, where you meet your tour guide again for the return trip to Zurich.

The professional, multilingual guide accompanies the tour from Zurich to Grindelwald and from Interlaken to Zurich. The ascent to Mt. First, the activities on the mountain and the train ride to Interlaken are unguided.

Grindelwald trip from Lucern

Explore one of Switzerland’s most attractive alpine regions on this full-day excursion. You will visit the idyllic Bernese Oberland and the magnificent Jungfrau region mountain world. ValIf youhave more free time, explore two famous mountain resorts situated near Grindelwald, also named Eiger or Glacier Village, and Interlaken, located between two lakes.

Take a scenic journey through splendid countryside to Interlaken, the heart of the magnificent Jungfrau region. After a first orientation stop in Interlaken, you’ll continue to Grindelwald, a lively and varied place perfect for active holidays. Numerous lookout points provide stunning views of the surrounding impressive mountain landscape including the world famous triple peaks Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau.

During your free time, you can experience a cable car ride to the sunny terrace of ‘Mt. First’ and enjoy the 40-meter long Cliff Walk by Tissot or undertake a fun trotti bike ride (available only during summer). In the afternoon, enjoy the unescorted public train ride back to Interlaken. Spend the rest of the afternoon exploring the region’s shopping paradise. You can find a diverse offer, from regional products to precious jewelry and watches.

Alternatively, visit Interlaken’s home mountain Harder Kulm. A cable car takes you to the top where you will be rewarded with splendid views of the surrounding area. After enjoying the fresh mountain air you will meet your guide again in the late afternoon for the return journey.

Ski or Snowboard Lesson for Beginners in Grindelwald from Interlaken

On arrival in resort, head to the ski hire shop for your boot, helmet and ski or snowboard fittings. Meet your qualified Swiss Ski School instructor and, with your lift pass ticket in hand, head to slope to start your lesson. During class, your instructor shows the correct techniques, and then you try to ride yourself. Get used to the feeling of sliding across the snow and practice a few basic manoeuvres on the gentle gradient. After 2.5 hours, stop for lunch and enjoy breathtaking views over the north face of the Eiger mountain; it’s widely considered the most impressive peak in the Swiss Alps. After lunch, return to the snow for your 2.5-hour afternoon class. Your experience then finishes with a journey back to the start point.

Things to see in Grindelwald

Grindelwald Church

The first Grindelwald church was a simple wooden building, built in the middle of the 12th century. In 1180, the original building was replaced by the stone church of St. Mary. In the 16th century the building was rebuilt again, and the present Grindelwald church dates back to 1793.


The highest railway station in Europe since 1912, Jungfraujoch is one of the main tourist attractions of Switzerland. Situated at an altitude of 3,454 meters, the "European Peak" offers fantastic panoramic views of the Bernese Oberland.

Northern Wall of the Eiger

It is one of the most picturesque and difficult picks to climb in the Alps. The first successful expedition climbed it in 1938.


Situated at an altitude of 1391 metres above sea level, Pfingsteg is the Grindelwald's observation deck and offers a unique view of the entire valley.

First (2168 m)

It is more than 100 km of hiking trails, 50 km of ski slopes, as well as a sled run. It's all on the southern, not too steep slope of First.

Mannlichen (2229 m

It is a gentle area for winter sports and hiking, linked to the neighbouring Kleine-Sheidegg and offers almost perfect views of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau.

Gletscherschlucht ("Ice Canyon")

At the end of the village of Grindelwald is situated an incredibly romantic rumbling glacier gorge with clefts, crushed ice floes, and pink and green pieces of marble. The trail goes through all this on footbridges through rocky galleries and tunnels.

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