Chocolate museum in Barcelona - tickets, prices, opening hours
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Chocolate museum in Barcelona - tickets, prices, opening hours

Chocolate museum in Barcelona - tickets, prices, opening hours

Specially recommended to sweet-toothed people, the Chocolate Museum Barcelona tells you everything about the cocoa temptation. Located in the former Saint Agustí monastery, The Chocolate Museum whisks you on a tasty trip through all things chocolate as you learn about its nutritional and medicinal value.

The museum aims to develop a project to prove that chocolate is much more than a delicious snack. Chocolate has had a very important role in human history and it is a highly prized good. The mission of the Chocolate Museum is to spread the knowledge of the history of this wonderful product, and to keep the traditional values of Catalan confectionery alive.

The Chocolate Museum Barcelona is divided into different rooms which are dedicated to all aspects related to chocolate. The museum gives its visitor the chance to go back to the origins of chocolate and its later arrival in Europe. It also informs about the myth of chocolate, its aphrodisiac and medicinal properties and its nutritional value. Special attention is paid to Easter eggs and the typical Catalan chocolate craft Monas, originally created in Barcelona.

chocolate museum
Chocolate tasting in Barcelona

All kinds of cultural chocolate activities take place in the Barcelona Chamber, including concerts of classical music and theater. You can also learn about chocolate-making machines from old Catalan factories, as there is a whole room focused on that.

The museum offers a wide range of workshops in which children are the special guests and can learn how to work with chocolate and become expert patissiers. There are special activities for families with children as well.

Since the opening of the museum, it has housed iconic pieces of chocolate. For example, the statues of Ben-Hur, the Sagrada Familia and Floquet de Neu.

What is more, have you ever dreamed of celebrating your birthday surrounded by a chocolate environment? The Chocolate Barcelona museum makes your wish come true. You can invite your friends to an original chocolate party in the museum!

Chocolate in Barcelona
Chocolate in Barcelona

Chocolate museum tickets

The ticket price starts from €6.00. During the visit, you will learn the role chocolate has played in the economic and social fabric of Barcelona since the 15th century, when the city was a port for its sale and distribution. Also, get a free chocolate bar just when you enter.

What's included

  • Entrance to the museum
  • One free chocolate bar

Museum opening time

From 10:00 until 19:00. Sundays and public holidays from 10:00 to 15:00.

The Chocolate Museum booking department is closed Sundays, if you wish to get information about guided tours and workshops, or other activities that take place on weekends, please.

Girl tasting chocolate in Barcelona
Girl tasting chocolate in Barcelona

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