Recoleta Spaziergang am Nachmittag
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Recoleta Spaziergang am Nachmittag
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Recoleta Spaziergang am Nachmittag

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Über diese Aktivität
Auf diesem 3,2 km langen Spaziergang besuchen Sie:
• Recoleta Friedhof - Detaillierter Besuch
• Evita Peron, ihr Mahnmal und ihre Geschichte
• Das Unglück der Rufina Cambaceres
• Tiburcia Dominguez' geiziger Ehemann
• Admiral Brown, der Leloir
• Besuch der Pilar Basilika
• Kulturzentrum Recoleta und altes Kloster
• Bourdelle's Monument für Alvear
• Palais de Glace: wo Tango reif geworden ist
• Geschichte: Tango, Häfen und Immigration
• BA Design Center & Terrassen
• Besuch der Riesenblumen (wenn verfügbar)
• Palermo Qt. und der Wirtschaftscrash 2001
• Nationalbibliothek und Loma Mitre Qt.
• Denkmal für Frankreich und Argentinien
• National Fine Arts Museum und Geschichte
• ... und die vielen lokalen Geschichten, kuriosen Fakten und Besonderheiten!
Lauschen Sie Ihrem kundigen Fremdenführer, wenn dieser Sie informiert über die örtliche Geschichte, Architektur, die Traditionen, Bräuche und einzigartige Merkmale, die Sie vielleicht sonst nie entdeckt hätten. Bei dieser Tour wandeln Sie abseits der Touristenpfade. Der Spaziergang beginnt, wo der "Best of Buenos Aires Walk" endet!
*Die Kosten für den kompletten Reiseweg werden je nach Zeitpunkt und Umständen zum Zeitpunkt der Tour übernommen
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  • Trinkgeld
  • Abholung vom Hotel und Rückgabe
  • Mahlzeiten
  • Sie erhalten die Bestätigung zum Zeitpunkt der Buchung.
  • Kinder unter 8 Jahren sind in Begleitung eines Erwachsenen kostenlos.
  • Hinweis: Die Tour wird bei Regen oder Sonnenschein durchgeführt
Sini-Emilia A
1 | 2017-08-07

Do not recommend this tour guide at all! Probably some other guides are better as there are many good reviews, but my experience was really bad. Here is my story: The tour is supposed to last for 2,5 hours. The tour guide was a bit late and I had already gotten a bit worried. Then I encountered her. She told me that I'm the only person participating for the tour today, and because of that the tour wont take quite as long, as with a group it's more slow to move around. I thought that that's nice, a private tour, probably I will get even more out of it! Here are the good things I have to say about the tour: - she speaks good English - she was nice - she told me a few interesting stories about the graves in Recoleta Cementary Here are the bad things I have to say about the tour: - She didn't talk very much for a tour guide. Actually she talked VERY LITTLE. Half of the information I received was because I asked questions myself, for example some really basic info about the cemetary that I think she should have told me without asking! - The tour lasted less than 1 hour!!! I was quite astonished. I asked if she could maybe tell me something more as I was only in BA for 2 days and wanted to get as much out of my trip as possible. This is also the reason I booked this tour. She said Okay I can show you one more thing. Then she walked me to Evita's monument and the national library, that were 20 meters away afterwards I reviewed that this should have been included in the tour anyway, and now I got it as extra. After that she really seemed eager to get rid off me, so I left. We had started some minutes after 1 pm and finished before 2 pm. Now I reviewed what what was promised on TripAdvisor about this tour, and there are MANY things that weren't included, even though it should have been. How could it have been, if 2,5 hours turned into less than an hour? I could have understood if the tour had lasted for two hours as it was only me, but this was unacceptable. These are the things that you promise your tour includes, but WERE NOT included: - 2.5-hour tour - Learn about the Spanish, British Italian and French influences in this iconic Buenos Aires neighborhood - led by an informative guide - introduces you to the architecture, traditions, habits and unique features of Buenos Aires. Each of the sites has a story to tell and your guide will make sure you hear it! - hear fascinating tales about Evita Peron she didnt tell me the story of Evitas body, which I learned in the other tour - hear about Admiral Brown - Stop by Pilar Basilica to admire its stunning architecture - continue to the Palais de Glace - Learn about the history of tango from your guide - visit the National Fine Arts Museum Thank goodness there was Buenos Aires Free Tour that started at 15.30 highly recommend!!. I went there and I received more information in the first 15 minutes from that tour guide than from this tour guide during the whole tour. I have never met a tour guide as silent as in this tour, most of the time she was quiet. This was mostly waste of my precious time and waste of money.

Rakesh H
5 | 2017-04-15

fantastic tour and guide. spent several hours walking around the charming neighborhood and cemetery. Guide was very knowledgeable. tour was well worth it.

Randall C
5 | 2017-03-03

Very interesting this tour helped pull a lot of Argentine history together for us tour guide was helpful and had lots good information afternoon schedule is very hot in summer but we managed.

Claude M
1 | 2016-09-12

I enjoyed a lot. The guide was very good and friendly.

Kelly S
5 | 2016-06-22

The tour was great and great guide.

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