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Justine SARREY - Press relation


  • Bachelor in communication - University of Nice Sophia Antipolis

Visited cities

Paris Barcelona Sevilla Granada Roma Geneva Naples Bern London Copenhagen Aarhus Dublin Amsterdam Berlin Seoul


France | 2019

Justine is a content creator for MyLittleAdventure for 6 months. She really loves to discover different cultures and new people. With her previous experience in luxury hotel field, she knows quite a bit about tourism.

She loves to stay a while in a country in order to be immersed in the culture. She knows a lot about student traveling hack and road trip.

With her Bachelor in Communication, she is able to use her creativity create travel guides for MyLittleadventure. She loves making videos to share the must to see and to do in every destination she visits.

She loves both countrysides and crowded cities. One of her favorite activities when traveling is to taste typical dishes.

Even though you can't plan everything when you are on a road trip she thinks that checks out all the available activities to do in every destination is a must to do for not wasting your time.
She has already been to 15 cities and she really wants to explore Asia. Don't miss her new articles !




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